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The Ten Commandments of Form Training

  1. Memorize the line of movement, the sequence and the direction of the techniques in the form.
  2. In assuming the ready stance be calm, cautious and courageous. Even if this attitude is not outwardly expressed, it must be felt each time the form is begun.
  3. In learning the form make the movements slow, accurate, and precise. As you learn the forms, gradually speed up the movements, being careful to maintain good form in the execution of each technique.
  4. The execution of each movement must be dynamic. When a yell (Ki Hap) is called for, it must be sharp and loud, reflecting the strong Spirit of the performer.
  5. Maintain an objective focus. Look straightforward in executing a block, punch, or kick, you should see and visualize the target area but not "look at" it. The gaze should not wander or concentrate on a specific technique or stance being executed.
  6. In turning, look first, then turn, remember that in the forms one defends against multiple, imaginary attackers. One must see the direction from which an attack is coming before he can defend against it.
  7. In walking, maintain poise, balance and a good stance. Hips and shoulders should both move on an even plane and not up and down from one stance to the next.
  8. Relax while assuming the stance and executing the technique until the instant the technique would impact the opponent. Then focus sharply on the end of the technique bringing all of the body's strength (momentarily) into the technique. One must not be tense throughtout the movement as this inhibits speed and both aesthetic quality and effectiveness of the technique.
  9. Be certain to practice the forms from different angles so as not to become disoriented if the form is practiced in strang surroundings. The movements should be performed one per second except when instructions call for a slow movement performed with tension.
  10. Return to the ready stance, gracefully and with satisfaction. Remember that the forms are best learned from a master instructor.