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Mental Education

Everyone wants to have a happy and ideal life, many try to achieve their ideal life through material civilization. As a result, they destroy their helath, moral order,  and life. Moreover, they live in loneliness and agony. We can only achieve truth and happiness when we take care of ourselves and use the wisdom and power which nature gave us, instead of depending on material things.

Our Tae Kwon Do is based on strict moral codes. The mind and body are considered more important than material possessions.

  1. Loyalty to country: Our country is our very soul and we must always strive to be loyal.
  2. Fidelity to parents: We must honor our parents in order for our children to honor us.
  3. Marital fidelity: Husband and wife should be considered one, life without love has no dignity.
  4. Brotherhood: A person who is considered your brother deserves to be helped, encouraged, and treated with kindness by you and others.
  5. Respect for elders: There is no substitute for the experience of the old. The y should be cared for and honored.
  6. Respect for teachers: The teacher must do his students, in return the students will give him loyalty and respect.
  7. Friendship: A friend is like a brother. We are at our best when we forget our troubles to help a friend.
  8. Avoid killing living things: We should avoid killing living things whenever possible.
  9. Strength: Inner strength is the key to real valor and makes men brave.
  10. Finish what you start: Most importantly, finish whatever you start. Don't leave things hanging. Responsibility and freedom make a man.