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Tae Kwon Do means the art of kicking and punching. Tae means foot, Kwon means hand and Do means art. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that is over 2000 years old. One of its ancient names was Tae Kyon. During that era it was deemed a folkloric ritual. Tae Kwon Do originated in the days of tribal communities on the Korean peninsula. (Read more...)
  Ancient Times The historical background of Taekwondo development will be explained following the chronological order... (Read more...)
  Middle Ages The Koryo dynasty, which reunified the Korean peninsula after Shilla [A.D. 918 to 1392], had the... (Read more...)
  Modern Times In the modern times of Korea, the Chosun dynasty [1392-1910] the imperial Korea and the Japanese colonial rule... (Read more...)
  Present Day Upon liberation of Korea from the Japanese colonial rule after World War II, the Korean people... (Read more...)
With the growth of Tae Kwon Do schools all over the place, Tae Kwon Do By Liens will be firm in its resolve to maintain the traditional aspects of Tae Kwon Do practices. The practice of traditional Tae Kwon Do as it has always been for centuries is to enhance the total health of the individual (i.e. the mind, body and spirit). (Read more...)
What is the point of belts in tkd? Lets write about it... - we should write about what the tips mean, etc... (Read more...)
Everyone wants to have a happy and ideal life, many try to achieve their ideal life through material civilization. As a result, they destroy their helath, moral order, and life. Moreover, they live in loneliness and agony. We can only achieve truth and happiness when we take care of ourselves and use the wisdom and power which nature gave us, instead of depending on material things. (Read more...)