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About the Master and Instructors

Master Hermes Liens is the Master and founder of the Tae Kwon Do By Liens since 1995. He was born in Oriente, Cuba. Since he was a young boy he became interested in Martial Arts, inspired by movies staring Li Yuen Kam (Bruce Lee). He started practicing street Karate-Do in his backyard with his neighborhood friends.
They used a guide that had 126 positions, which included kicks, blocks and punches. They filled a sack with sand and saw dust to practice their punching and kicking, even their kicking pads were homemade.

A few years later he started formal Tae Kwon Do classes with his first teacher Master Lorenzo de Armas. Young Hermes practiced 4 to 6 hours daily.

His grandmother made his uniform using pajama pants and the top made from a sack of oatmeal, since supplies in Cuba are so limited.
In 1993 Master Hermes left Cuba at the age of 17 with his parents and sisters. He continued to study, finishing his high school degree at Holmes Braddock Senior High School. He then started teaching Tae Kwnon Do.

Two years later in May of 1995 he founded Tae Kwon Do by Liens. Hermes continued to perfect his study of Tae Kwon Do with his new Master Grand Master Hong Kim 9th Dan Black Belt and vice chairman of the competition committee.

His passion in Tae Kwon Do is competition and teaching. He was a gold medallist in the Florida State Championship of Tae Kwon Do in 1994. He has conveyed the passion of competition to his students. In 1996 Tae Kwon Do By Liens took 25 students who competed in the state competition. Of those 25, 23 qualified for the Junior Olympics.

In 1997 Tae Kwon Do By Liens ranked in 2nd Place out of 20 schools in a open championship organized by Florida Tae Kwon Do College.